HOT*** The Coffee Table Book ***HOT


We are now offering you what no other photographers that we've come across are currently offering: a professionally printed, hard-bound book.  Unlike other albums from photography studios that merely bind the photos from the event, the book we create for you is fully personalizedThis heirloom will be passed down from generation to generation, no matter WHAT you design!

Wedding Books, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Books, Birth and Birthday Books, even books of all of your child's drawings and school papers!  Or, imaging FINALLY putting ALL of your old photos in one beautiful archival-quality location, RIGHT ON YOUR BOOKSHELF!

Your book is professionally bound with a custom dust jacket and a black linen hardcover case. We use heavyweight, archival paper stock ideal for photos and text.  Your book will be a unique product designed to reflect your taste and preferences. 

Duplicate books are also available at deeply discounted prices. This benefit is not even an option with most traditional albums.  MAKES A FABULOUS GIFT!


  Party? Special Event?

You put all your time and energy planning your party, why have a photographer capture the memories FOR you, so you can join the party? We are freelance photographers who LOVE to shoot parties and other events.

You just can't pass up this opportunity!!! We will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the results. Have something to show after your great party is over and done -- have photographs to remember it by!!!

Check out some events in our Event Gallery here.

Need to do a Fundraiser?

Have a Portrait Day!!! Two photographers will come to your location and offer families/individuals a 15-minute, mini portrait session. They will be charged a small session fee and then have the option to purchase their photographs. They can purchase prints, photo gifts, frames, etc. Photos perfect for the family living room or to be given out as gifts. You will receive 50% or more of all money earned. This is a great and easy opportunity for you to potentially raise a lot of money for your organization. People will love supporting you and they will also receive a family heirloom that will last a lifetime. E-Mail us for more details!

Models, Actors & Actresses:

How is your portfolio? How good are your head shots? Is your comp-card sufficient, or is it outstanding? Lets face it, it's a cut-throat business, and sometimes the ONLY thing standing between you and that job are the pics you send out. That's it, no second chances. You need to stand out. Now; or someone else is going to stand above you.

The photographers at CherieLee Imagery are well versed in your industry, and experts at projecting the image you are looking for. Unique, personal and professional. Nothing else will do when the product you are selling is yourself.

Whether you are looking for a simple head shot, a few up-dated images to freshen your portfolio, or are just starting to put a portfolio package together, our professionals can help you.

Some services begin with a questionnaire, to help us hone-in on your specific needs and direction, so contact us for some of the lowest quotes going.

See some of our portfolio boosting work on our Model Shots Gallery here.

Body Painting


Basic face painting, elaborate full body liquid latex and air-brushing, body contouring...CherieLee Imagery does it all! 

We can design an entire shoot around a body paint concept, or just do you up for a special night on the town!

Let our Body Paint section of the Gallery inspire you and contact us for questions.            


Graphic Manipulation 


Any snapshot can be turned into a work of art. 

We can do almost anything to almost any photo.  Entire albums can be made into themes.  Old photos can be re-touched or restored.  Fantasy Images can be created from the most mundane of pictures.

Let our Image Editing section of the Gallery inspire you and contact us for questions.