Image  Retouching and Repair

(Ahh, the Land of Imagination!  Image editing is where anything can become reality.

Most of our retouch work is done on a work-for-hire basis, and we therefore do not own the rights to the images.  Additional examples are available upon request.


Bad color casting, poor cropping, and unwanted elements are some of the most basic color corrections required.   We even tend to the basics for other photographers!


        Original - circa. 1901                              Repaired                                       Colorized

Fantasy Creations








And, of course, what bride wouldn't want her treasured wedding portraits perfected?


In fact, this poor bride had car trouble on the way to her wedding!  So, being the cruel individules we are, we turned the snapshots of her road-side dilema into the (6 page) comic book scene it really was:




Impossible Portfolios

This example was shot by a photographer who's client wanted to look like a woman...he couldn't quite pull it off on his own, so a little help from the wonders of computer imagery, and viola...he became his own thinner, younger sister!

Your needs might not be quite so dramatic, but you can loose weight, regress twenty years, or even age 20!  What can we do to give YOUR images punch???  Everything!